Automatic plaster spraying machine mixing pump M6 on hot sale in Andersen

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Andersen hot automatic plastering machine mixing pump M6 is a set of mixer, self-priming pump, micro air compressor, slurry spraying machine in one, with automatic filling, according to the amount of water, remote control and other functions Set mixing, pumping, spraying functions in one, pressure-sensing technology control of automatic continuous work mortar spraying equipment.

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1.It integrates the mixer, self-suction pump, micro-air compressor
It has the functions of automatic feeding, Add water by the quantity, and remote control It integrates mixing, pumping and spraying functions, pressure sensing technology control for automatic continuous working mortar spray equipment
2.Germany original imported 5.5kw electric engine
Germany original imported electric engine, 5.5kw power, 30I large flow 30% improve the speed, high efficiency and stable performance
3.Automatic water One-key start and stop
Adjust well the water level, automatically add water, start and stop with one key, save time and effort
4.Automatic feeding system
With independent premixed mortar storage area, pre mixing pumping zone separation in the storage area, dry mixed mortar can be added to the equipment at any time. The equipment sends the dry mortar to the mixing bunker through the feeding wheel. In this way, the mixed wet materials and the wet materials are sprayed uniformly, which guarantees the engineering quality

Automatic plaster spraying machine mixing pump M6 on hot sale in Andersen

Technical Parameters

Parameter Outer box size  G.W/N.W
Name: Automatic plaster mortar spraying machine M6 123*72*155cm 220kg
Voltage/Frequency 380V/50HZ
Power 5500W
Air compressor power: 3000W
Max pressure 50Bar
Max Flow 35LPM
Max. vertical conveying distance 30M
Max. horizontal conveying distance 60M
Maximum particle size 6mm
Hopper Capacity 150L
Max Stuffing height 900mm


1.5.5KW Super Power Electric Engine
2.Intelligent Switch control box
3.115L large capacity hopper
4.Automatic water supply pump 


Application Material

Multi-function spraying machine ,suitable for pumping all ready-mixed dry mixing mortar, such as self-leveling mortar, plaster mortar, lime plaster mortar, cement mortar, lime and cement mortar, polymer mortar, plaster cement mortar, clay mortar, insulation materials, grouting mortar, fireproof mortar,floor mortar, seaweed mud, thermal mortar, putty, bottom coating, wall painting, masonry mortar, etc.


It is pumping and spraying equipment which is for automatic gypsum mortar, pre-mixed dry mortar It is also spraying construction machinery with automatic feeding, metering water supply, remote control, set mixing, pump, spraying function in one, pressure sensing technology control, for the automatic uninterrupted, continuous operation of the mortar. It has stable performance, mixed slurry uniform, excellent efficacy. Dry and wet area separation, modular design, compact structure, easy operation, easy maintenance and cleaning, light weight, small size, easy move, is the ideal equipment for pre-mixed dry mortar construction. Applicable to gypsum-based mortar, cement mortar, polymer mortar, self-leveling mortar and so on. most important feature is a special structure of the high wear resistance which is the mixing shaft technology leader in the forefront of international counterparts. It is built of steel frame which makes itself durable.

Automatic plaster spraying machine mixing pump M6 on hot sale in Andersen

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