Spray machine for fireproofing paint 350 Portable Fireproofing Pump

Short Description:

Engineered with piston pump technology, Andersen 350 Fireproofing Pumps deliver high pressures to move fireproofing materials through long hose lengths. Andersen’s piston pump technology easily handles low, medium and high-density sprayed fire resistive materials (SFRMs), delivering them with a smooth, steady flow rate. The Andersen 350 plugs into a standard wall outlet and is compact, portable and easy to move around the job site. This isn’t your typical patch pump — it’s much more. Grab the power of 350and get your fireproofing projects done faster and more efficiently. 

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Product Features

1.4.0 KW Super Power Electric Engine
2.Intelligent Switch control box
3.76 L large capacity hopper
4.Big performance from a small sprayer

Spray machine for fireproofing paint 350 Portable Fireproofing Pump

Technical Parameters

Parameter Outer box size  G.W/N.W
Name: Pistion pump mortar spray machine-350 116*61*97cm 95kg
Voltage/Frequency 220-240V/50HZ
Power 4000W
Max pressure 40Bar
Max Flow 25LPM
Max. vertical conveying distance 15M
Max. horizontal conveying distance 30M
Maximum particle size 3/16 in (5 mm)
Hopper Capacity 20 gal (76 L)

Direction for use

Piston pump technology easily fireproofing materials Gets projects done faster with high-pressure performance Electric operation – plugs into a standard 220V or 240 wall outlet Long lasting wear parts for more uptime, less downtime Easy to use, simple to maintain Ideal for fireproofing over structural steel or spray foam insulation Materials

Low, medium and high density fireproofing including:
Gypsum-based SFRMs / Cementitious SFRMs Applications: Onshore oil / Gas and chemical processing facilities / Industrial structures / Commercial buildings / Floor and roof assemblies, steel beams, joists and columns

Engineered with Andersen proprietary piston pump technology, the 350 piston pump is perfect for small to medium jobs that spray up to 100 bags per day and is capable of producing pressures of up to 600 psi (41 bar) using an energy efficient direct drive electric motor. This high pumping pressure will allow your crew to spray up to 150 feet (46 m) from the machine and pump 15 bags per hour.

Spray machine for fireproofing paint 350 Portable Fireproofing Pump

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