Andersen R5 electric rotor stator sprayer

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New upgrade,performance stability of real stone paint spraying machine,Professional spraying of natural stone paint, classic in paint sprayer

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Professional factory texture painting spraying machine big power 3000w electric real stone paint airless paint sprayer
Please note the following 3 points in use
1. After using the machine every day, be sure to spray with tap water, the pipe and gun inside the material spray out, material residue willcause the pipe and spray gun blocking, or spray gun and paint bucket filled with waterimmersion, real stone paint into the airwill not dry
2. Spray, adjust automatic (shut-off) intelligent operation, cleaning spray gun positive turn (intelligent release, machine will always spray) , bet gun pressure relief or return to open reversal
3. The start-up hopper must have material or water inside, not empty mill. The empty mill will speed up the wear of the rubber sleeve

 Andersen R1 electric rotor stator sprayer
Andersen R5 electric rotor stator sprayer (1)
Andersen R5 electric rotor stator sprayer (2)

Technical Parameters

Parameter Outer box size  G.W/N.W
Name: Texture Spraying Machine R5 102*54*80 80kg
Voltage/Frequency 220V/50HZ
Power 3000W
Max pressure 40Mpa
Max Flow 25LPM
Max. vertical conveying distance 50M-(one gun)/ 20M-(two guns)
Max. horizontal conveying distance 30M-(one gun)/18M-(two guns)
Maximum particle size 3mm
Hopper capacity 60L
Size 105*52*60cm

Application Material

Andersen R5 electric rotor stator sprayer (3)
Andersen R5 electric rotor stator sprayer (4)
Andersen R5 electric rotor stator sprayer (5)

The Andersen R1 electric rotor stator sprayer delivers the performance large jobs require with the versatility to spray up to 6mm aggregate materials. Perfect for applying EIFS, stucco, mortar, fireproofing, adhesives, chinking as well as joint compound and other interior textured finishes. 


Powerful Performance
Powerful performance spraying up to 5.0 GPM with hose lengths up to 175'
Rotor stator technology handles aggregate materials up to 6 mm with ease
Sprays fibered, aggregate and water-based materials (no solvent-based coatings can be applied)

Smart Design
Large 12-gallon hopper allows for more spraying and less refilling
Portable footprint designed to fit on standard scaffolding
Automatic pressure relief eliminates pressure spikes and delivers a better finish
Quick and easy clean-up with powered stator removal
Requires 12 CFM air compressor

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